Ms. Zhao had carried out different important roles in the ballet scene. She was the President of the National Ballet of China; the 9th Chairman of Dancers Association China; Artistic the Director of the National Centre of the Performing Arts, Artistic Director of Beijing Morning Star Arts Centre; and was ranked first-rate China National Dancer. In the domain of ballet dance, the professional status and achievements of Ms. Zhao is second to none.
All these years, she has been endeavoring to create ballet repertoire with Chinese style. In 2001, Ms. Zhao collaborated with renowned film director Zhang Yi-mou and famous composer Chen Jiang, and Raise the Red Lantern was the result of the collective efforts of this artistic trio. The debut performance has attracted a lot of buzz. Aside from that, she has also created an adaptation of Nutcracker (Chinese version), Butterfly Lovers, the Huang River, and etc. and Ms. Zhao personally participated in the rehearsals, and as intended, these are the series of ballet productions emerged with national style. In 2007, she adapted Peony Pavilion, a play written by famous Chinese playwright Tang Xian-zu of the Ming Dynasty, and brought about a ballet version with the same title. It had drawn immediate universal attention of the international ballet scene and again attracted a lot of buzz. On many occasions, Ms. Zhao had led the ballet team and performed in more than ten countries including the U.S.A., the U.K., Russia, France, Italy, and Germany. She also led her dancers to many glorious awards in international ballet competitions.
From 1994 to 2008, Ms. Zhao was invited to join a panel of distinguished judges in more than ten international ballet competitions which included the USA International Ballet Competition, the International Ballet Competition – Varna, Bulgaria; and she was elected twice as the Chairman of the judging panel of the Shanghai International Ballet Competition.