Mr. Song, born in Shanghai, started his dance practice since his infancy. He joined a gymnastic school in Shanghai at the age of four, and three years later, he started learning ballet, and since then, embarked on his professional path as a ballet dancer. In 2008, Mr. Song attained a full-tuition scholarship granted by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts for a series of classical ballet study. In 2010, he was further awarded by the world’s first-rate ballet school – Bolshoi Ballet under the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre a full-tuition scholarship for a one year study in the school. Mr. Song could therefore enjoy an empirical experience of Russia’s indigenous ballet culture. He furthered what he had learned and experienced, and finally created his unique personal style of dancing. In the same year, Mr. Song, being the first Chinese who pursued his in-depth ballet study in Russia, was interviewed by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Russia.
In 2011, Mr. Song joined The Hong Kong Ballet; and then in 2015, he adopted an unconventional and unique approach and started this beautiful flagship school of SJ Ballet des Arts in Hong Kong.