2017 - 2018 The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Course – Open for Application


ABOUT SJ Ballet des Arts

High-end ballet school in Hong Kong

SJ Ballet des Arts strives to create a comfortable learning environment and perfect platform for all lovers of ballet. We proffer a professional team of qualified teachers of prominence. And under an environment filled with artistic milieu, our students can wholeheartedly focus on dancing. Dissimilar to other ballet schools, SJ Ballet des Arts also puts a premium on nurturing dancers’ inner quality. We provide our students with many different genres of art books in order to enhance their artistic sense, and aside from learning foundational body movement, dancers can simultaneously achieve ultimate soul fullfilment.

Professional Guidance to sculpture a perfect body posture

As a ballet dancer, it is of paramount importance to possess a healthy body and posture and SJ Ballet des Arts pays deliberate attention to this. In this regard, we provide regular courses for nutrition guidance, and by improving eating habits, it helps our dancers better their physical health, and have a good grasp of how to maintain body figure, and ultimately, a perfect body posture. Simultaneously, SJ Ballet also provides in-school physiotherapists guidance services, and with this professional aid, our students can learn how to avoid injury during dancing, protect their body muscles and joints, and finally, attain healthy physical health and development.

Pass on the spirit – making ballet dance a spiritual practice. Achieve a magnificent life

Ballet practice is not only confined to mere body muscle exercises, it is also a soul refinement process. “One minute of stage performance requires ten years of tenacity”, if dancing is something one aspires to achieve, perspiration and tears of effort are the recipes. SJ Ballet des Arts does not only teach our students professional knowledge of ballet dance, we also pass on to our dancers the necessary spirit – never give up, “outdance” yourself.

Professionally Equipped and Location Convenient

The flagship of SJ Ballet des Arts is located at No. 10, Knutsford Terrace in Tsim Sha Tsui. We occupy the whole 22nd floor of the building with an area of 4,700 sq. ft. Our school is professionally equipped with two spacious dance studios all cladded with Harlequin – a world-renowned range of floors for professional dance; a library especially for ballet books; and an art gallery, etc. SJ Ballet des Arts is not only scrupulously well-equipped, this is a ballet school with intent to build and proffer a space fully filled with artistic ambience and a unique practice environment for dance. Furthermore, we have also created our own brand of professional ballet dance wear, this is to fully cater for the needs of dancers at different stage, as we understand that perfection is the dear pursuit by all lovers of ballet.


Create Artistic Ambience, Refine Students’ Body and Soul

Our ballet library is especially tailor-made for ballet dancers, and this made Sj Ballet des Arts unique and singular. This is a serene environment fused with the warmth of sunlight and space; and accompanied by refreshing drinks, our students can expose themselves to numerous ballet books and literature. In comparison with mere body movement training, students can now fully enrich themselves and indulge in the artistic root and history of ballet, so that the intended refinement of body and soul can ultimately synchronize. The place delicately fuses an elegant and roomy space with shadow and light, and our students become the focus of the dreamy soft light. In such a poetic environment, they can now fully relax their body and soul; delve into the root of ballet, and attain a holistic refinement.

The zone of our gallery is made of architectural concrete, and this is a deliberate act to communicate the intended plain and unembellished spirit. Oftentimes, the more simple the quality of a matter, the more unfathomed the philosophy you will find behind. Architectural concrete is a symbol of anti-embellishment and anti-material. It stands for absolute sincerity and it brings back the true color of the spiritual origin. Architectural concrete is the very base of architect, and so is ballet, it is the very artistic foundation of all dances, the pure essence of the spirit.

SJ Ballet de Arts is equipped with two spacious dance studios. Inside each studio, we have full height wall mirrors and professional handles to coup with different learning needs of ballet dancers at different stages. Sprung floors can offer our students the highest degree of protection and safety during practices, they help perfect dancers’ posture, and therefore they are indispensable necessities of ballet dancers. Our studios have adopted Harlequin – a world-renowned British brand of floors with international standard for professional dance. Harlequin’s floors have effective shocks absorbing and heat resisting properties, and it can provide the best stability, solidity and comfortableness we required. Up till now, Harlequin is the only brand of professional floors that can achieve international professional standard and is mostly adopted by many famous dance companies of international level.